Our mission is to bridge the gap for those individuals or families that fall outside traditional accesses to legal services: free legal services or attorney fees at market value.


Immigration Law

Deportation Defense

Tangled Titles






We charge between $50 - $170 per hour, depending on your verified income and family size. Click here to determine whether you are eligible for these services.

Equal Access Legal Services understands that living pay check to pay check is a struggle that cannot be ignored any longer. All it takes is a death in the family, an eviction, a deportation, or even just one large bill to cause a person or family to fall behind in payments or worse, fall below the federal poverty level. By offering affordable legal services, Equal Access Legal Services keeps people in their homes and prevents people from suffering severe economic loss as a result of needing an attorney. More importantly, we seek to stabilize families to ensure that the future of the family is secure.


Equal Access Legal Services is committed to serving our clients and know that results matter. Our goal is to provide excellent legal representation while helping our clients build a better future for their families. We are passionate about providing high quality, effective and efficient legal representation and supporting the long term needs of the community.